Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Superior Endeavors’ business is not a transactional business; it is a relationship business where client trust is earned and then passionately nurtured. Our goal is to work with our clients as a trusted advisor, and link our success with that of our clients. SEI’s consulting services and experience go beyond the bits and bytes of IT. The benefits and capabilities are described below.


Integrate IT investments and operations with organizational strategy, tactics, and processes
Improve decision making because all organizational functions, including IT, are considered
Access to IT expertise without adding to staff


SEI understands business and the associated technology components. We take the time to understand our clients’ strategy, tactics, and processes and provide the supporting technology strategy and plan. These capabilities are delivered via the services described below.

Business Startup Consulting Services

How do you turn your great business idea into a functioning company?
SEI has the answers. Our experts will provide you with a checklist of start-up tasks — and guide you through the process of getting them done including:

  • creating a business plan
  • registering a domain name and integrating cloud services with marketing plan
  • developing the technology strategy including implementation planning

We’ll help with everything from idea through execution.

Assessment and Audit Services

SEI can assess the current IT strategy and operational components and determine how this aligns with the organizational strategy, tactics, and processes. These assessments include recommendations for change as well as the implementation details. SEI can audit the current IT infrastructure using automated tools to reconcile what is actually there with what is documented.

CIO Services

Let SEI provide the advantage of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) without adding staff. SEI takes the time to know and understand your organization and brings the necessary business discipline to our clients’ information technology function.

More Information

Let us know how we can bring our consulting expertise to bear to help your organization grow and prosper. Please contact your SEI sales representative or complete the information request form below. The initial consultation is free of charge.